Endeavor Kennels

Pointing Dog Services:

Puppy Introduction ( 2-3 Months)

The Puppy program is designed to build the foundation of a reliable hunting companion. At the end of this program these young dogs will have the experience and knowledge to take to the field, identify game and return to the handler upon command.

Starting ages 6 months.

Course Objectives:

Bird introduction

Basic obedience - Here and their name, introduction to Heal and Whoa

Gun Accumulation

Broke Gun Dog ( 2-3 Months)

As a continuation from the Puppy program, the Senior program will develop the manners and working relationship between dog and handler. During this program dogs will learn remain steady on pointed and wild flushing quarry, and to recognize when another dog in the field is pointing. This program expands on the obedience taught during the Puppy program and provides the handler and dog with a better working relationship in their pursuit of game. 

Staring dog with experience and knowledge of Puppy.

Course Objectives:

Steadiness on birds - Steady to Wing / Steady to Shot

Senior Level Obedience - Heal and Whoa

Intro to Backing


Finished Gun Dog ( 2-3 Months)

Dogs continuing through the Finished program, are the safest and most reliable hunting companions. These dogs will remain steady until released on pointed bird, wild flushing birds and while honoring or pointing another dog on point. After birds are shot, a finished dog released by handler will find and return down birds to the handler.

Starting dog with Broke Dog level experience and obedience

Course Objectives:

Steady to Release

Finish Level Obedience -


Retrieve to Hand

Field Trials and Hunt Test Handling

We offer handling at local Field Trials and Hunt Tests for dogs trained at Endeavor Kennels.  

Each dog visiting kennel must be current on required vaccines. Proof of current vaccinations will be kept on file for each dog.

Weekly correspondence, photos and videos will keep you up to date on you dogs progress.